Vertical Mechanical Seal Pumps

Equipro Range (HME/KME)

The Equipro Range consists of 11 models which can deliver flow of 30 – 830 litres per minute. Pump lengths vary from 275 – 1500mm depending on the client’s requirements. All pump bodies are injection moulded using specialised thermo plastics for the best possible chemical resistance.  This range is unique as the user may choose to install the pump submerged in the pump liquid or externally.

Max Flow Rate: up to 55m3/hr (830 litres/min)
Material options: Polypropylene or PVDF
Temperature: up to 120°C

KGK Range

The KGK Range consists of 28 models which can deliver flows of up to 280m3/hr. With pump lengths of up to 4000mm long. All pumps bodies are injection moulded from thermo plastic for high chemical resistance. Pumps longer than 2000mm are reinforced using vinyl ester resin. Shaft guide bushes are manufactured using the high quality ceramics, making them impervious to chemical attack.

Max Flow Rate: up to 240m3/hr
Material options: Polypropylene or E-CTFE
Temperature: up to 120°C

Nesk Range (QGN)

ARGAL’s Nesk range was specially developed for the metal finishing industry. It is the perfect pump for the recirculation of liquid in steel dipping baths due to its compact dimensions and low power consumption while not compromising on performance. The range consists of 9 models that can deliver flows up to 240m3/hr. The QGN pump is installed outside of the pumped liquid and makes use of mechanical seals to ensure no metallic parts come into contact with corrosive pumped fluids. All mechanical seals are made from the highest chemical resistant materials and are commercially available.

Max Flow Rate: up to 240m3/hr
Material Options: Polypropylene
Temperature: up to 80°C